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We work within a four-step work process. This process creates a stable and reliable framework for the client to go from an idea to a final product. 

The idea behind the four-step process is to ensure professional communication throughout our cooperation and to ensure that the product is of the utmost highest quality and matching the client's vision.


The first phase of the work process begins with an introduction. We invite our future client(s) to a meeting at our office in Slagelse, Denmark. In some cases, skype meetings can be arranged. It is important for us to understand the client's wishes and to have the client fully understand how our work-process works, and to feel safe in this future cooperation

At this meeting, the client will be introduced to our designers and the project manager. An open dialogue and the exchanging of ideas will ensure the best quality and understanding of what type of product the client wants to be manufactured.

It is important to be as specific as possible to make a clearer overview of the upcoming manufacturing process.

Finally, our designers will make a product elaboration and a visual design for the client to accept.


Phase 2 is a final review of the product elaboration and visual designs. When this is completed and accepted, we can contact our partners in either Turkey or India for the final internal review.

The manufacturing of the samples will now begin and during this process, we will keep the client updated.

Once the sample is manufactured, the product will be shipped and prepared for phase 3.


Upon the arrival of the sample, a new meeting will be held.

"Go" is only given when the client is 100% satisfied with the sample. Therefore, we get together and do an examination of the received sample.

After review, it will be decided whether adjustments are required. If so, this will be provided - and if necessary, another sample will be ordered.

Once the client is fully satisfied with the sample(s), final production will begin and the agreed product range will be manufactured.


The final phase involves the delivery of your products.

When the client's products have been manufactured, we will notify the client immediately.

Afterward, as your supplier, we will take care of the logistical aspect of the delivery, and ensure the products are shipped to the client's destination.

The products will be received in an optional packaging that we have agreed upon. 

Updates throughout the logistical process will be provided, and you will be given a time frame in order to schedule the arrival of your order.


Phone: +45 3133 9892


Slotsalléen 36, 4200 Slagelse, Danmark

CVR: 3973 8740

Email: info@bovingleather.dk

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