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Boving Leather Denmark

Your new choice of supplier

textile and leather goods

You dream it, we make it

Our work process

Upon beginning a new production line, our overall manufacturing process consists of 4 phases to ensure the best final result.

1. Careful planning

The first phase is an open dialogue with our designers and our manufacturing partners, going through ideas and preparing the design specifications.

2. Ordering of sample

Once the design specifications are complete, they are sent to our manufacturing partners, initiating the manufacturing of the sample. After completion, the sample is sent to Denmark - and prepared for phase 3.

3. Review and improvement

"Go" is only given when the client is 100% satisfied with the sample. If upon examination, there are corrections, these will be implemented, and if necessary, new sample will be manufactured.

4. Delivery

When sample is accepted the manufacturing will be released.

The products will be shipped to your address in an agreed-upon packaging.


Phone: +45 3133 9892


Slotsall√©en 36, 4200 Slagelse, Danmark

CVR: 3973 8740

Email: info@bovingleather.dk

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